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Crowd Funding in Real Time Event

Funding target

£ 1,000

Start date: 23/2/2015

End date: 4/3/2015




ABOUT Crowd Funding in Real Time Event

What is the Project?

The aim of this crowd fund is to encourage young and old to share their ideas with the world!

We're hosting an event at Reading University in conjunction with Reading University's Business Society, entitled Crowd Funding in Real Time.

10 students / business people will present to the crowd.  The crowd will vote for their favourite ideas and 5 WINNERS will be rewarded with an EXPO stand at the Thames Valley EXPO, Green Park, Reading on the 19th March.

The proceeds of this crowd fund will be shared equally with the 5 winners to firstly pay for their EXPO stands and secondly to be used as they choose to progress their ideas.

What do we Need?

We need to pay for 5 EXPO stands.  Each is valued at £275 each.  The organisers are subsidizing them by £50. Making them £225 each. Hence the target of £1000 to break the back of this cost.

We'd also like to produce a publication for the day.  This can then be used by those that took part as evidence of their involvement.

Please help us to make this a great day to remember.

Thank you.



  • Video Blog

    • Contribution Amount: £100
    • Reward Description:
      We'll video you on the day, at the event and then use this as part of blogs that we push out. You can obviously use it as you like... if you can't make the event, we'll ...
    • Quantity Available: 10
  • Main Sponsor

    • Contribution Amount: £1,000
    • Reward Description:
      You're might generous... this would mean all 5 EXPO stands are funded because of you... what a star you are... we'd big you up till the cows come home ;)
    • Quantity Available: 1
  • Social Mention

    • Contribution Amount: £5
    • Reward Description:
      Appreciate your thought... we'll ping out a mention via our social media channels to say thank you.
    • Quantity Available: 100
  • Crowd Funding in Real Time Event Guide

    • Contribution Amount: £500
    • Reward Description:
      It would make for a great memory to put an event guide together for the Crowd Funding in Real Time event. This would allow all our contenders to carry these as part of th...
    • Quantity Available: 1
  • EXPO Stand Sponsor

    • Contribution Amount: £200
    • Reward Description:
      Would you care to sponsor a stand and get a mention on the day and in all our EXPO event promotional...
    • Quantity Available: 5
  • It's all about YOU

    • Contribution Amount: £75
    • Reward Description:
      You know, that story you tell, I'd like to put it into my words and share it far and wide... go on, let me!
    • Quantity Available: 10
  • Tell us a story

    • Contribution Amount: £35
    • Reward Description:
      Got a blog post that you'd like to share far and wide? Well that can be arranged... cross my palm with silver... send over the words and a pic, I'll get it out.
    • Quantity Available: 30
  • THANK YOU Certificate

    • Contribution Amount: £10
    • Reward Description:
      Proof that you helped us with this project... helping young people get more exposure for their ideas... what a nice person you are... thank you.
    • Quantity Available: 100

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