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The Wokingham Paper

Funding target

£ 15,000

Start date: 9/2/2015

End date: 13/6/2015




ABOUT The Wokingham Paper

What is the Project?

One of the newspapers circulating Wokingham has closed.  We want to make sure that we have regular news for our borough.  Do you?

Our surrounding boroughs all have thriving newspapers that are rich in content, we would like our community to enjoy the same experience.  So....

We are launching a new weekly newspaper for the Wokingham Borough that will inform, inspire and involve the community. 

The Wokingham Paper will be the newspaper with a heart for the Borough of Wokingham and launched in 2015. Community focused, community minded & community driven.

Our leader Phil Creighton has years of experience in local media, and so, holds the credentials required to deliver this community lead venture in droves!

What do we Need?

We have already successfully distributed our first edition, and are seeking commitment from readers and advertisers to place orders to secure the distribution of our next few editions.  Please contribute and tell all of your friends to get involved!


  • 1 Years Linage Advert (print and website)

    • Contribution Amount: £500
    • Reward Description:
      linage advert for your business in print and website for first year
    • Quantity Available: 25
  • Be editor for the day

    • Contribution Amount: £1,000
    • Reward Description:
      an opportunity to be guest editor for the day
    • Quantity Available: 10
  • A Years Subscription!

    • Contribution Amount: £25
    • Reward Description:
      year's subscription, by voucher redemption in newsagents
    • Quantity Available: 496
  • 1 Year Subscription + Car Sticker!

    • Contribution Amount: £50
    • Reward Description:
      year's subscription, by voucher redemption in newsagents, plus car sticker
    • Quantity Available: 500
  • Quarter Page advert

    • Contribution Amount: £100
    • Reward Description:
      Book a 1/4 page advert in the first issue of the Wokingham Paper!
    • Quantity Available: 500
  • Meet the Editor at our launch party!

    • Contribution Amount: £250
    • Reward Description:
      Have a special invite to our launch party and meet Phil!
    • Quantity Available: 9
  • Be Named a Supporter!

    • Contribution Amount: £10
    • Reward Description:
      Be named as a supporter of our community newspaper in the first issue!
    • Quantity Available: 494

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