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Health for women garment workers

Funding target

£ 400

Start date: 28/9/2013

End date: 22/9/2016




ABOUT Health for women garment workers

What is the Project?

Health for women garment workers:
How we can stop basic needs harming generations in Bangladesh

[Video Caption - Professor Alan Barrell, Entrepreneur in Residence, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge tells the story of how Shurokkha aims to improve the health of women garment workers in Bangladesh. The Shurokkha team are the 2013 winners of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Global Student Challenge.]


An affordable, convenient and eco-friendly sanitary napkin

The absence of an affordable, available and hygienic solution to menstruation leads to physical, psychological, economic loss for the women garment workers in Bangladesh.

Can you imagine how difficult it would be if Boots, Superdrug and your local friendly chemist didn't stock tampons or towels?

And if your local culture made it virtually impossible to acknowledge that this need existed?

The women in the difficult environment of factories in Bangladesh have limited access to these products and their dreadful working conditions are made significantly worse, and life threatening, because of this. 


Social benefits of the project

  • Social project with little administrative cost and immediate benefit to women in need 

  • Low-cost, high-quality disposable sanitary napkin with sanitary belt attached will be distributed to the working women of Bangladesh

  • Awareness among the target group women about their menstrual health and education to future generations

  • Employment for unskilled poor living in slums; this really is an initiative that benefits both the producers and users as the sanitary towels are produced locally for use by women in the country

  • More confident and productive female workforce, enabled to become higher earners and achievers


3 innovative features of Shurokkha

1. It's affordable - 8 pads at USD 0.21 only

2. It's accessible - Distribution through Info-fairies

3. It's Eco-friendly - Made from local Bamboo fibres 


What do we Need?

Your contribution will improve the female physical and mental health of women in Bangladesh, as a result of better menstrual practices and an improvement in the overall well being of garment workers in Bangladesh.

  • 95% currently use dirty rags and rejected fabric strips.
    Can you imagine doing this?

  • 90% of workers wash rags without soap and reuse without proper drying.
    The health risks that this present are incalculable.

  • 33% of girls hide their rags in dirty places.
    The social stigma attached to this normal female process can not be underestimated.

  • 50% have been identified to have infections.
    And don't forget there is little access to doctors or other health practitioners to treat this.

Help Shurokkha deliver help to women in need via:

  • a personal awareness program

  • free quarterly medical checks for garment workers

  • production, marketing and distribution of Shurokkha sanitary napkins.


With your help, this startup business anticipates making a profit from the third year onwards, but most importantly, the'll be helping improve the lives of women workers in the garment industry in Bangladesh.

The Shurokkha team from Bangladesh won the 2013 Hong Kong Polytechnic Global Student Challenge and is being supported by entrepreneurs in the UK and USA.

We need your input to make this project work and save the health and lives of women in need.

Be part of this global effort to support these entrepreneurs to make a difference to the women garment workers in Bangladesh.

Make all the difference with your contribution.

*If you would like to see detailed financial projections please contact

affordableconvenient and eco-friendly sanitarynapkin  


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